Issue N14

Glitterly - Fomantic UI - Google Variable Fonts - Up Fast - JAMStackWTF and many more!

Hi and welcome to the 14th issue. On this issue, we go from Glitterly to 5 TED Talks and lots of great and useful resources, as the past weeks.

The Product Hunt day...

Yeah, ehrm… regarding that.Yeah, what about that? was a… mess. I completely forgot I had to post it in the morning, so instead, my clever, smart me posted it after 24.00 so it would be there around the first ones… duh. Anyways, mistakes are mistakes and we learn from them. ( is a way to excuse me I guess…)

You can see here the crime scene.

I had an idea. Eureka!!

Some days ago, I was thinking that I could interview some of the makers.

You know, ask them stuff that no one cares. Like, what they build with, how do they come up with the apps, site or whatever's design. Of course other questions too… but not questions where you have to dig a lot.

I think it would be freaking interesting to know about the person behind something that we use almost every day…

If you want to say something about this just write on the comments below or hit me up on Twitter.


I have seen that many of you guys are Spanish speakers, just like me. Yaaay!

I was wondering if you would like to have a Spanish version of this one. I would adopt all the content and the time is sent too of course.

Be part of it.

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Without further ado, here is Issue N14. Enjoy it.— Michael.

Super Resource ―

Glitterly »

Make awesome videos of your app and produce high-quality videos without watermarks. No download or signup required.



Design any pitch decks in minutes not hours. Tell a story with ready-made presentation kits and templates.

Dogger »

Dogger makes tools and services that enable you to do more with Docker as a developer.

Snippet Shot »

Generate screenshots from your code snippets

DeDigger »

Find public files on Google Drive.

Fomantic UI »

A community fork of Semantic-UI

Quest DB »

The fastest open-source time-series database

Up Fast »

Checks if your website is running, how fast it downloads and your Google Lighthouse scores.

Password Generator »

Well, a password generator.


Wireframe Art »

Make your wireframe text stronger using unique SVG elements. Web, Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD.

Product Colors »

A modern app or website design needs more than just a single shade of grey to create an appealing UI.

Avatar Library »

A collection of free avatar illustrations for websites and apps.

GroupAndHide »

With GroupAndHide you can create groups to add any type of nodes

Favbar »

Favbar offers an easy way to create a web page with a custom favicon and touch icon.


Tailwind CSS v1.6.0 »

It's like Tailwind CSS v1.5 except now there's animation support, over-scroll utilities, and more!

JAMstack WTF»

JAMstack is revolutionising the way we think about workflow by providing a simpler developer experience, better performance, lower cost and greater scalability.

5 TED Talks that will make you a better designer »

What qualities make up the best designers out there? Truth be told, it has much more to do with how you think than strong technical skills. 

Getting the Most Out of Variable Fonts on Google Fonts »

I have spent the past several years working (alongside a bunch of super talented people) on a font family called Recursive Sans & Mono.


Indie Letters »

A highly curated list of marketing knowledge, tools & learning resources to improve your marketing diet.


“Freedom ”

By Javier Ibañez on Dribbble. »


WICKED TEMPLATES: One-page responsive templates ready to use or customize out of the box.For startups & personal use made With Bulma, Tailwind & Bootstrap 5...

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