Issue N17

Laws of UX - Brutalist One - Type Scale Generator - Device.CSS - Spectre.CSS and many more !

Hi and welcome to the 17th issue. In this issue, we go from a Type Scale Generator to Laws of UX and lots of great and useful resources, as the past weeks.

I am getting there…

Well, as I mentioned before, I am building the new site for the newsletter. I am almost done with the landing page, very little left.

It will contain the links that made the cut, the interviews… is going to be fun.

I am also ready with the logo, and is going to be called:

You can have a sneak peek here while I am working on it. TheUnicornsFeed

I am also changing the layout, but not the content, so it becomes more readable.

On desktop, it will be two columns and mobile, well one.

Be part of it.

Remember that you can always leave a comment regarding anything.

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Without further ado, here is Issue N17. Enjoy it.— Michael.


Laws Of Ux »

Laws of UX is a collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces.


Type Scale Generator »

Easy to use type scale generator for consistent typography. Automatic code generated for CSS and Tailwind configs.

Brutalist One »

Brutalist doesn't mean bad code or poor UX. Show off nonconformism and skill!

Coding notes »

Maximize your full potential of code learning through our note platform.

Codify »

Paste your clever function or lecture, give it a title and style it until it's sparkling.

The downloaded image is ready to be posted on your timeline or presentation.


Devices.CSS »

13 Pure CSS Mobile.We've created several minimal iPhone, Android, Lumia and iPad devices in pure CSS to showcase the prototypes our users make. Marvel App.

Uncommon Illustrations »

Uncommon shapes and weird characters that want to live in your next UI.

Spectre.CSS »

Provides basic styles for typography and elements, flexbox based responsive layout system, pure CSS components and utilities.

Icon Editor »

Change color, stroke and add shape to your SVG icon.


How to Think Like a Designer and Act Like an Entrepreneur »

Several years ago, I spent a lot of money, and 9 months of my time to create a software product….

A Designer’s Life with Color Vision Deficiency »

So, what is it like to be colour blind and also work in the web design and development industry? I’ll answer that question throughout this article…

Offering Options for mailto: and tel: Links »

Firstly, mailto links make it hard to copy the address, for example, if you want to share the email address with someone else…

Developing your eye for design »

A good design eye oftentimes exceeds the ability of the designer. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, this means that your eye can help you discern improvements in your design over time. 


The Web Dev Bible »

Become a web and mobile developer by receiving premium tips, tutorials and guides.


A newsletter that helps developers and designers create a better user experience.

The Stake Holder Report »

The weekly Project Management newsletter your mother would think is awesome.



By FEDERICO BRESSAN on Dribbble. »

FaceRig? cellanimation fun adobe animate charachter design gif frame by frame animation 2d


WICKED TEMPLATES: HTML responsive templates ready to customize out of the box.

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