Issue N18

Magic Pattern - Omatsuri - Limus - Drop Base - Laws Of Psychology and many more!

Hi and welcome to the 18th issue. In this issue, we go from Magic Pattern to Limus and lots of great and useful resources, as the past weeks.

I am still getting there…

So I have decided to send you the ISSUE’s N18, N19 and N20 still from here, Substack.

Why? Well, this week I have been able to almost finish the site and started to code the newsletter. In the beginning, I was thinking of using the drag and drop, but I just don’t like them… it takes more time in the end…

I made this decision so I can send you a well-crafted newsletter, and to be honest I had very little time to read articles. Is better to take it easy, than rush it and make a mess…you will get your content no matter what.

Also, is nicer to have some content to read, as the interviews on the website

But I do have the stuff to share, of course…

Thanks to…

I would like to give a huge thank to Mr Chap for his tips and feedback, very helpful. Also, Hieu Nguyen on the technical part, thanks for the script.

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Without further ado, here is Issue N18. Enjoy it.— Michael.


Magic Pattern »

Unique branding with beautiful patterns.

MagicPattern offers a one-click web editor for illustration patterns. It's perfect for branding landing pages, social media posts and featured images


Keysmith »

Create custom keyboard shortcuts

Omatsuri »

Open source browser tools for everyday use

Colour Purpose »

Generate colour palettes from an image.

Dnotebook »

A Jupyter-like library for a javaScript environment. It allows you to create and share pages that contain live code, text and visualizations.


Design Systems For Figma »

A collection of Design Systems for Figma from all over the globe.

SVG Abstract patterns & Illustrations »

A free and open to use abstract SVG pattern library.

Drop Base »

Turn files to live databases, instantly.

Limus »

Transform images, y, x & z-axis.

Simple Icons »

1402 Free SVG icons for popular brands.


Design a Journey for Better Product Feedbacks »

Design a Journey for Better Product Feedbacks.

A curated collection of dreamy color transitions »

Today we’re highlighting some exceptional examples to get you inspired.

Laws Of Psychology For Good UX Design »

Every user interacting with your web design is a human — at least until the singularity arrives.



By Nahuel Bardi on Dribbble. »


WICKED TEMPLATES: HTML responsive templates ready to customize out of the box.

SKETCH APP DATA: 32,194 unique points of data for your next design project.

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