Issue N19

Inverr - Stitches - Shapefest - Tailwind Toolbox - Free Python Books Repo and many many more.

Hi and welcome to the 19th issue. In this issue, we go from Inverr to how Stripe made an interactive globe on their site and lots of great and useful resources, as the past weeks.

Just one more Issue on Substack…

As I mentioned on the last issue, this is the second last email from Substack, so next weeks is the last sending from here. I am really impatient,…

Let’s prepare it.

Well, the address that you are going to them from is going to change, I made a custom one and is this one, Is still me though.

If you still want to get them in your inbox, add it to your contacts. They should reach the inbox better in this way.

Thanks to…

I want to thank Csaba for setting up the Self-hosted analytics for me. And they are GDPR compliant.
You can see them here for:

- Colors & Fonts

- The Unicorns Feed

They will be open for a while, just click and look if you want to.
By the way, he made Tablericons.

And also to Arnaud Joubay helping with Tailwind CSS.

New guidelines…

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Without further ado, here is Issue N19. Enjoy it.— Michael.


Inverr »

Create a website with drag & drop editor. Publish faster. No code or design experience required.

by @hieuSSR on Twitter.


Stitches »

Near-zero runtime, server-side rendering, multi-variant support, and best-in-class developer experience.

Versoly »

A single platform to build landing pages, publish blog posts and collect leads. No code required. 

Casperish Theme »

A Publish port of Ghost's Casper theme.

Whatsup Widget »

Free Javascript widget that makes easy to integrate WhatsApp communication with your customers.

Blade UI Kit »

A set of renderless components to utilise in your Laravel Blade views. Built for the TALL stack. Completely open-source.

Staq »

Fully functional SaaS application up and running in 10 minutes. For free.

GraphQL »

Transform your WordPress site into a GraphQL server. This plugin is the implementation for WordPress of GraphQL by PoP, a CMS-agnostic GraphQL server in PHP.


Shapefest »

160,000+ high resolution PNG images of beautiful 3D shapes.

Python Books »

Python books free to read online or download.

Tailwind ToolBox »

Open source starter templates and components, a plugins directory and useful tools/utilities to kick start your Tailwind CSS project.

Heroicons Viewer »

Open Source SVG Icons.


To design and develop an interactive globe »

A traditional globemaker moulds a sphere mounts it on an axle, balance it with hidden weights, and precisely applies gores.

Skeuomorphism is dead, long live skeuomorphism »

Skeuomorphism has been a very useful concept in design, then it became the most hated concept in design, and then it came back from the dead.

Mr Austin Repp »

Web development tutorials.

On-point illustrations that accurately depict WFH life »

Have you been working from home since COVID-19? If so, you can probably relate to at least some of these on-point illustrations. 



By Chris Phillips on Dribbble. »

Puddle character cartoon character animation illustration gif after effects vector loop animated gif


WICKED TEMPLATES: HTML responsive templates ready to customize out of the box.

SKETCH APP DATA: 32,194 unique points of data for your next design project.

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