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Hi and welcome to the 20the issue. In this issue, we go from Oeck to how “How to use Husky to create pre-commit and pre-push hooks” and lots of great and useful resources, as the past weeks.

Just one more Issue on Substack…

So, this is it from Substack. Last Issue for TUF on this platform, that was quick…and I am so excited.
Anyways, the next issue will come from this address:

10 interviews!!!!

By today I already got 10 developers/designers to be featured on The Unicorns Feed. Is ging to blow, hopefully.
I won’t tell who they are though, I wish I could, but it feels better in that way.

-I know, I also have to bite my tongue, I have to gold myself and not say it…

I will just tell you that, they are incredible people that I met on Indie Hackers, Twitter, Product Hunt, Dribbble, and so on, also they are successful in what they do.

Thank you.

This week my thanks goes to:

To each and everyone one of you for reading the newsletter every Tuesday. It blows my mind just thinking that you guys open something that I send and curate every week.

Some of you are from the very beginning, since I was on the chimp, or even before that, when I tried to learn some backend using Firebase where I failed big time….It worked though.

Anyways, now I shut up. Go ahead.

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Without further ado, here is Issue N20. Enjoy it.— Michael.


Oeck »

A new breed of VPN that’s breaking all the rules. Industry-first functionality and class-leading security over slick ad campaigns with massive budgets. Oeck was built from the ground up to serve a new generation of VPN users with a better experience.

Oeck is also offering a further 10% discount on their service. Just use the coupon code 10offnow when purchasing!


StackOverflow Focus »

Remove all unnecessary clutter when looking for help on StackOverflow.

CSS Split »

CSS splitter that takes your big CSS file and splits into component-specific CSS files.

FelaJs »

Fela is a small, high-performant and framework-agnostic toolbelt to handle state-driven styling in JavaScript.

Noodle »

Deploy React experiences, rapidly integrate with APIs, model back-ends seamlessly with front-end development.

EvenCart »

Open Source Headless eCommerce for API fanatics.

Center Control »

Customizable item tracking, calendar, kanban, embedded resource manager.

Build Stack »

Find the right software for your business.


Emblemicons »

An open-source library of most commonly and frequently used icons in product development, product design, business presentations, and academic projects.

Figma Tokens »

Making design tokens a single source of truth for designers and developers using Figma.

Simple Photo Gallery »

Pretty and simple HTML photo galleries you can host yourself.

Icon Hub »

Just practical stunning icons for everyone.

Lottie Flow »

Downloadable Lottie files that work like magic on your Webflow site

Augmented UI »

Integrate your apps with technology.

Handwritten »

Convert typed text to realistic handwriting!

Smplkit »

More than 300 icons, made on a precise 2px grid with a unique geometric style. Free to use anywhere you want.


Annoying website features I face as a blind person every single day »

For blind and visually impaired people like me, accessibility is the difference between us being able to use a website and clicking off it. 

How to use Husky to create pre-commit and pre-push hooks »

Not everyone remembers to execute the tests, the linter or the prettier before committing changes, and even if we do, it's exhausting to do it manually every time. That's why... 


“ai Motion”

By Lalit on Dribbble. »


WICKED TEMPLATES: HTML responsive templates ready to customize out of the box.

SKETCH APP DATA: 32,194 unique points of data for your next design project.

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