Issue N4

Norde Source - Timber CSS - Tasquet - Better Composition - UX Collective

Hello everyone, and welcome to the fourth issue of the newsletter.
Another week, another issue. On this issue, we go from icon management to achieve a better composition on your illustrations.

But Before, Three Things…

…and this is one…
I have been looking at the possibility to send the newsletter twice a week, as we do it now ( Tuesdays early in the morning) and then choose other day, because there are so many resources that I want to share...I just can’t bloat the newsletter with too many of them, It would not be the same…

..the second one…

I am going to name the newsletter, mostly because Colors & Fonts name does not really suit in here… I have some names rolling.

…and finally the third one.

I am going to include a quality shot from Dribbble, Behance or Codepen of the week. If you want to be featured let me know.

Your turn.

I would love to know what you think about making the newsletter twice a week, a name suggestion, so do not hesitate to let me know.

Without further ado.. here is Issue N4. Enjoy it. — Michael.

Norde Source. ‣

Norde Source makes it easy to customize entire icon sets to fit your brand…

Timber CSS. ‣

Timber is a utility-first, desktop-first CSS framework built for fast prototyping. It also offers a range of components for those who need them…

Tasquet. ‣

Tasquet is a "connected" Markdown editor that helps you write memos, break down tasks, and organize ideas….

Dribbble: Renee Fleck.

7 tips for achieving better composition in your illustrations...

UX Collective

5 principles for better designer-developer collaboration…

Work of the week.

Illustration by Burnt Toast® On Dribble - Illustration, animation & the odd tutorial.

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