Issue N6

Bootstrap Breakpoints - Colors Copy Paste - Line Icons - Research For Brand Color - Grid.js - Pose Animator - Shosho - Coding Coach

Hello everyone, and welcome to the sixth issue of the newsletter.
On this issue, we go from a small Bootstrap cheat sheet to an advance table plugin.

First of all…

Black Lives DO Matter

Anywhere and always.
No-code community…

I was thinking to also include no-code resources for those that don’t do code, so you will also see them on the newsletter.
What do you think?

Your turn.

You can always leave a comment on the thread, don't be shy…I am always open for a chat about anything, you are welcome to do so.

Also if you have some feedback, positive or negative just let me know. Is a way to grow as the newsletter's writer.

If there's any section you would like to see here, don't hesitate to let me know!

Without further ado.., here is Issue N6. Enjoy it. — Michael.

Bootstrap Breakpoints. 

A tiny little thing that helps you keep track of your Bootstrap breakpoints…

Color Copy Paste. ‣

Color Copy Paste is a plugin that allows you to copy & paste colour directly from your phone's camera to your web browser, figma or sketch plugin. You can manage the colours with no hassle. No more manually taking a picture and use the colour picker to get the colour...

Line Icons. 

2000+ Line Icons for Designers and Developers. Handcrafted Line Icons for Modern User Interfaces of Web, Android, iOS, and Desktop App Projects…

Prototypr: UX Research for Brand Colour. 

As I was redesigning, I came to question the primary colour I had been using until then. That bright green was starting to give me a headache, and I even considered dropping green entirely…

Grid.js: Advanced Table Plugin. 

Grid.js is a Free and open-source HTML table plugin written in TypeScript. It works with most JavaScript frameworks, including ReactAngular.jsVue and VanillaJs….

Pose Animator.

Pose Animator takes a 2D vector illustration and animates its containing curves in real-time based on the recognition result from PoseNet and FaceMesh. It borrows the idea of skeleton-based animation from computer graphics and applies it to vector characters.


Shosho is a writing, editing and collaboration tool that focuses on cutting the clutter from your writing. It allows you to share your stories with others, improve your writing by removing fillers, cliches, adverbs, and simplifying complex words.

Coding coach.

Coding Coach is a free, open-source platform which aims to connect software developers and mentors all over the world. It is built by a group of talented and passionate developers, designers, engineers, and humans who want to make the engineering world a better place to collaborate. 

Work of the week.

Illustration by Maria Picassó i Piquer® On Instagram - Constructivist caricature.


An interesting newsletter, The Land Of Random, by David Nichols.

It reminds to Buzzfeed when they came out, there’s content for anyone. This is how it goes…
”Remember when the internet was a fun place? Rediscover the Magic of the internet every Monday with fun and crazy links about startups, tech, marketing tools, vaporwave and more!”

I gotta say that my favourite one, is the one where he discovered Color Names, you have to name a bunch of RGB colours, is one of those crowdsourcing projects….
You can read the Issue with the colours here.

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